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"Words" tab for Polish language

Hey, is anyone working on a getting a words tab up for Polish? It's very helpful because I can browse through it and construct sentences and quizzes.

August 13, 2016



It's actually not available for Polish (yet). There is a bug you can take advantage of to get it.

  • Open a tab with the language without Words (Polish) on it, and another with the language with Words (Italian).

  • Go to the Italian tab and click the Word section.

  • Your Polish words learned should appear there, you can practice and see them now. (Tada!)


Aside from what you 've asked, there is a funny thing about those two first words you have used. [Words tab], is a tab with words as you know. But a [Tab words] (Słowa tabu) is a group of words, that in Polish are recognized as a taboo words, no matter what "your" true intention was, by saying them. Especially by the really older Poles.


„Tabu” is indeclinable, so it's always „tabu” – „Tab” in Polish is a name of key above Caps lock and below tilde(„tylda”), also known as „tabulator”. ;)


AFAIK, words tab is only available for in-house courses and probably will stay so for time being – there is a back door to get access anyway(already described in this thread), but without lexeme tagging that words tab depend on(which isn't available for Incubator courses, AFAIK), it might be inaccurate(especially WRT known words count).

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