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"Words" tab for Polish language

Hey, is anyone working on a getting a words tab up for Polish? It's very helpful because I can browse through it and construct sentences and quizzes.

August 13, 2016



It's actually not available for Polish (yet). There is a bug you can take advantage of to get it.

  • Open a tab with the language without Words (Polish) on it, and another with the language with Words (Italian).

  • Go to the Italian tab and click the Word section.

  • Your Polish words learned should appear there, you can practice and see them now. (Tada!)


Aside from what you 've asked, there is a funny thing about those two first words you have used. [Words tab], is a tab with words as you know. But a [Tab words] (Słowa tabu) is a group of words, that in Polish are recognized as a taboo words, no matter what "your" true intention was, by saying them. Especially by the really older Poles.

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