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"That one"


August 13, 2016



OK, so 'hwnno' is 'this one by here' and 'hwnna' is 'this one by there'? So it's 'hwn yno' and 'hwn yma', essentially?


No, "Hwnno" doesn't exist. First is "Hwn" which is masculine "This" ("Hon" is feminine "this"). Then "Hwnna" which is masculine "That" when something is in sight ("Honna" is feminine "That" in sight). Then finally "Hwnnw" which is masculine "That" when something is not in sight ("Honno" is feminine "That" out of sight).


You often hear the hwnna & honna vs hwnnw & honno distinction mentioned, but in practice it's not a distinction maintained by most Welsh speakers.

I'd summarise usage as:

hwn "this" (concrete, masculine or unknown gender)

hon "this" (concrete, feminine)

hyn "this" (abstract)

hwnna, hwnnw "that" (concrete, masculine or unknown gender)

honna, honno "that" (concrete, feminine)

hynna, hynny "that" (abstract)


That's the clearest description I've seen yet. Thanks!

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