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  5. "אתה עובר דירה?"

"אתה עובר דירה?"

Translation:Are you moving?

August 13, 2016



Why is the word "apartment" not mentioned at all in the translation? The literal translation seems to be "Are you passing an apartment?" So why is it translated without אל?


And notice, in another Duolingo question that asks for a Hebrew translation of a sentence that's something like "Are you moving?", "עובר דירה" is not accepted, only the verb.

[deactivated user]

    the translation is "are you moving out?", "passing an apartment" is moving the whole apartment and not only you and your staff


    What if you are moving to a house rather than an apartment?


    The same Hebrew expression is used, similarly to how you can clean house even though you are living in an apartment.

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