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"העיתונאי בודק שחיתות בקונגרס."

Translation:The journalist checks corruption in Congress.

August 14, 2016



I think you might want to use ‘investigates’/‘חוֹקֵר’.


But since they didn't, the alternative English translation, "examines," would be the best word choice for what we've been given.


"Investigates" is accepted.


Yes, "examines" is better than "checks", but "is investigating" is very much better than either of them in terms of producing an English sentence that sounds like an English sentence.

[deactivated user]

    I think it's just a mistake as "the congress" should be accepted


    3 questions here:

    • Why does this reject "the Congress" as incorrect ?
    • why in that context, does the drop down suggest it ?
    • why does the suggested translation combine an apparently indefinite reference ("the" is rejected) with a capital C ?


    The United States Congress is usually simply referred to as Congress. Outside of 18th century writings, it is almost NEVER referred to as "the Congress". The term "the congress" refers instead to a particular meeting of a professional society, like the International Congress of Mathematicians.

    Meanwhile, the phrase "checks corruption" doesn't really make sense, at least not in American English. A journalist might check ON the corruption in Congress (which DL rejects), but he wouldn't check the corruption.


    I think Duo Lingo is aimed at people from all over the world, and is not limited to America....Therefore: The definite article pre congress should be accepted as an option. The statement is general, not limited to a congress in a specific country or time.


    The English translation, even though בודק means "checks" in the sense of testing, would be better served by one of its alternate word choices, "examines." Hope this helps!


    ברור שהעיתונאי לא עובד ב- CNN.


    "Check" in a reference to US goverment evokes "checks snd balances", thus the "slow down/stop" sense of check -- not the "examine" sense intended here.


    It seems the loan word קוֹנְגְּרֶס is mainly used for the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States and not in its more general meaning of a formal gathering in a conference for which there are native words like כִּנּוּס or כֶּ֫נֶס.

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