"Tired tonight"

Translation:Wedi blino heno

August 14, 2016



I have quiet a few quesitons on this: Can this fragment be put into question form as well? Or is it an expression, idiom, etc.? And is the a verb or adjective or something?

August 14, 2016


blino is a verb-noun meaning 'tiring, to tire, becoming tired'.

wedi blino - 'after tiring', or more usually just 'tired':

  • Dw i'n blino - I am tiring, I am getting tired
  • Dw i wedi blino - I am tired
  • Ydy Dewi wedi blino? - Is Dewi tired?
  • Oedd Siân wedi blino ar ôl ei thaith ddoe? - Was Siân tired after her journey yesterday?
August 14, 2016


Oh okej. That makes sense now. Thank you.

August 15, 2016
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