"The car stands on the sidewalk and the driver does not go down from the sidewalk but the policeman does not go there."

Translation:Az autó a járdán áll, és a sofőr nem megy le a járdáról, de a rendőr nem megy oda.

August 14, 2016

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WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too long of a sentence to be constructive


and also there was a blue cow by the roadside looking up over down unto the people who hurried away over the big blue colourful waters into the gray colourless farm house as well as not also into but out in from. Right?


You have left out the kindergarten teachers.


I just had this sentence in a multiple-choice assignment and all instances of a were replaced with televíziókat. It made for an interesting read.


This sentence does not make sense in English. I can conjure up some possible meanings, but this is definitely not how to say, in English, whatever the actual sentence is supposed to mean. This makes learning Hungarian quite difficult.


I'll take a shot and guess it is supposed to mean something like "That guy's (illegally) parking on the sidewalk and is not moving, but the policeman doesn't investigate." But it sounds horribly convoluted in either language.


'sofőr' is not really correct hungarian but 'vezető' is. It should be accept 'Vezető' too. (if any)


i miss "az" in this sentence and can not close this lesson. the new version with the word cubes.


Yes, I agree, this now seems to be an ongoing problem with the course, I wasn't offered any "nem's" then no "le's" then no "Autó's then no "Rendőr's" (5th time lucky). It's a case of returning back multiple times until the right words are displayed. There is NOW no way to report these problems

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