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  5. "I want eighty-seven pounds."

"I want eighty-seven pounds."

Translation:Dw i eisiau wyth deg saith punt.

August 14, 2016



Any chance of making 'o bunnau' a suitable alternative, please?


Now done. Thank you for pointing it out.


how do we tell if this means pounds (money) or pounds (weight)?


Different words in the Welsh:

  • Punt - A pound (£ - money)
  • Pwys - A pound (lb - weight)

In the English you have to rely on the context of the word: 'I bought a pound of sausages', 'I spent five pounds on sausages', 'I'll buy three pounds' worth of sausages',

'I need ten pounds' on its own would usually mean money, otherwise it would need to have some reference to ten pounds of something which could be weighed.

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