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I use Duolingo to learn Dutch for some time already. I am currently at level 19, I practice everyday and I have more than 1000 lingots. However, my "Quiz" performance is not that good. I understand that there are no plans to include immersion for English-Dutch combination.

My proposal for Duolingo team is to include the option to compare the learner answers with the correct answers. In that way, the learner can learn from his/her own mistakes.

I think this option shouldn't be that difficult to implement. What do you think?

2 years ago


I totally agree. After all, children, athletes, and practically everyone learns from their mistakes because a person who never makes mistakes never improves so yes, you should be able to and they are likely to add this feature into a future update. That said, if you don't know the question on the quiz, you should write down the words you don't know so later you can go back to those. That is just my suggestion but you can feel free to do whatever you like. Also, how did you get so many lingots??? I have finished my tree and I am level 13 yet still don't even have 500. I haven't bought any skills yet...

2 years ago
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I did the quiz one time and realised that they have included in the test all the knowledge that we've learnt from the tree. I think they did not put the answer because we should memorise those knowledge from the lessons and not from the quiz. Memorising knowledge of the quiz could help you improve your score but in reality, your knowledge in total doesn't. That is, in my point of view, a sort of trick. Just keep practise by the strengthen skills bar ^^

2 years ago
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