"A kakas a tyúkok között sétál és kukorékol."

Translation:The rooster is walking among the hens and is crowing.

August 14, 2016

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The translation I entered for this, "The rooster walks among the hens and crows" is another one of those things that makes machine translation so difficult...


Sounds as if it moves among two kinds of birds to me.


Right, although I didn't realize that until after I looked at what I'd typed. It's rather like the old joke, "She sits among the cabbages and peas," although you have to say that one out loud for the double meaning to be apparent.


LOL! I've never heard that! I did have trouble translating the verb "to crow" when I was in Hungary. The neighbors' rooster had kept me awake half the night crowing every few hours. When I tried to explain to my host that the rooster had been crowing all night I think my online translator gave me the word for the noun "crow", which would explain why he looked at me so funny. Eventually, he understood what I was trying to say. Now I will always remember the Hungarian for "to crow".


Reminds me of the Ancient Greek sentence Ouk elabon polin, alla gar elpis, efê, kaka. (I think it's something like "I did not take a city; however hope was, so he said, bad." French students read it rather differently, though.)


So why is present simple not accepted here? I put it because my continuous was corrected into simple in another lesson.


-------- to avoid the confusion between crows (black birds that caw ) and crows ("kukure'kol " - makes the sound that roosters make ) . . .

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This is where we have a problem with the difference between genuine English and American English (sorry, deliberate wind-up and just a joke). I put "the cockerel walks between the chickens and crows." You don't like cockerel and chickens and want rooster and hens. So far I've survived with pavement rather than sidewalk but I'm waiting for hood and trunk rather than bonnet and boot!


Just report everything aggressively and sooner or later things might change. :D


------ stick around, rich. it's coming ! . . .

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The rooster walks between the chickens and crows. Not accepted, reported.


------- "between " makes it sound like there are two groups: chickens and crows . the sentence really means that the rooster is walking in the midst of (among ) a flock of chickens and , braggingly , crows there .

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I got burned for The rooster walks and is crowing among the hens.


------- mixed tenses ? simple present and present progressive ? . . .

the extension by bia-hoi can be found at forum.duolingo.com/comment/38731989 . it only shows on your answer page. very helpful . . .


I don't think you can say "walks and is crowing". You have to choose between "walks and crows" or "is walking and crowing".


... And often doing some other "things"

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