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"הגברים האלה לקחו את הטלוויזיה שלנו!"

Translation:Those men took our television!

August 14, 2016



Why use "television" when obviously what the people can take is a "TV set"?


Up until now, "גבר" has been thought as man. Of the word choices on this exercise, the closest thing to men was "guys". For guys, haven't we been thought "בחורים" up to this point.

Is there some subtle difference that mean "גבר" and "בחור" can translate to the same thing? Maybe I need an explanation of the subtle differences.

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Bachur is a young man so you are right.


Why "these men" is incorrect ?


It should have been marked correct, although in the case of somebody stealing a television, I don't think they would stay close enough by to use "these" unless they were quickly caught on the spot. More likely, you're pointing to people running away or describing someone long gone, saying "those men..."


I wrote these men, and as of 8.2020 it is considered correct


Why not "our TV set"?

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