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Daily reminder email was late...

I study Spanish everyday. And when I forget, I receive a mail that reminds me to study, at about 11:55pm. (Yes, this was a little bit late, too!) So, I run to save my streak :)

But yesterday, unfortunately, I got a different reminder mail which says "Hi gulizbayram, keep the owl happy!" at 00:42. So my 27 days streak has gone :(

FYI: In notification settings, I set "email me when I forget to practice Spanish by 9.00PM" (I don't think this works)

Now, I am so sorry. I don't feel like practice anymore :(

I really like Duolingo. Please make these emails work properly. It would be nice...


February 6, 2014



I live in EST zone. I had the issue that I set the time at 10pm originally but I never received the email, instead I got the one that indicated that I missed the day after 12am. Then I changed it to receive the email at 9pm, only to receive an email at 11:30pm. I didn't miss my practice, but it seems very strange the way the timing is set up... I now set my reminder to 7pm to test what happens...


Hi Güliz, duolingo uses the Eastern US time zone, which is why your 9pm isn't the same as duolingo's. But you say it is set tı 9pm, then you must have received the mails at 3am, assuming you live in Turkey, just set it earlier, that should do fine, I don't think that is troubleshooting related.


They read the user's time zone off the computer, and adjust accordingly, so different time zones shouldn't be an issue.


I thought it's a bug, so I wrote here. So these mails can come at any time before I set. Well I got it, thanks @misllaves


It is 12:43 AM here and mail showed up! 13 days streak has gone :((( I don't understand. Does it just happen to me? Maybe I should give a break...

I would have 40 days streak if it works fine.


Tengo días queriendo entrar a su página y me marca fallida, está en reparación, gracias.

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