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"Vi tre soifos pro tiom da parolado ĉe la telefono."

Translation:You will be very thirsty because of so much talking on the phone.

August 14, 2016



Ĉu "ĉe" ĉiam estas uzata por priskribi paroladon telefone? Ĉu oni povas uzi "sur" anstataŭ "ĉe"? #KOR

Is "ĉe" always used to describe talking on the phone? Can one use "sur" instead of "ĉe"?


Well, you're usually not literally standing on top of a phone.


Why not 'per la telefono'?


Because you're not using the phone to talk, but your mouth.


According to PIV per denotes "instrumenton, materion aŭ objekton, kiun oni uzas por plenumi agon aŭ atingi celon". A telephone is definitely an instrument in that sense. A different thing is, whether per suits into this sentence.


The telephone can be an instrument ("mi vokis lin per telefono") but not here. The ear of the person you talk to is not an instrument either.


Prepositions are a hard thing (cases are easier), because different people percept things differently. Does one speak at/by/in/on/with/using a phone? According to the translation English-speakers seem to stand on their phones.


Well you're using the phone to telephone someone, but then that would be vi tre soifos pro tiom da telefonado per la telefono


No one mentioned the possibility of "... en la telefonon" (into the phone). That's probably the most literal and accurate. From how I've come to know ĉe, I wouldn't use it to indicate the use of a phone. Also, I do view a phone as a tool (not unlike a televidilo ... Both of which I find myself standing on to use), so per seems like a good 2nd option to me.


I think at is a better translation, because it doesn't specify if you're actually talking through a phone. It could be that you're talking to someone while standing at the phone.


What sort of conversations on phone is Duo having, that it makes him thirsty?

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