"The bees fly here from the flowers, on which there are no bugs."

Translation:Azoktól a virágoktól repülnek ide a méhek, amelyeken nincsenek bogarak.

August 14, 2016

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Are melyikek/melyek interchangeable?


I will say a cautious yes, with the note that "(a)melyikek" is borderline incorrect. This is the case when Americans would say "Is that even a word?"
Certainly everyone understands the meaning of "(a)melyikek".
If you decide to use it, at least do not conjugate it any further. If you have to conjugate, use "(a)melyek" instead.


Oh good, I asked because I saw amelyikek+suffix in another exercise, I guess it's common but uncult hungarian


Yes, it is something like that. And probably the reason why it is alive is because it has a "definite" feel to it, as opposed to the more "indefinite" "amelyek".
Logically, the plural of "amelyik" should be "amelyikek", but it gets too complicated too fast. So it is "amelyek". As far as some of us here were able to confirm.


Yet more utter gibberish. This is the only Duolingo course I don't enjoy.

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