"Dzieci odwiedzą ciocię."

Translation:The children will visit their aunt.

August 14, 2016

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Can someone explain why it is "Their aunt" (In other words my sister) and not "My aunt" In other words the sister of one of the children's grand parents ...of course assuming that this sentence is spoken by a parent of the children.


If the possessive pronoun is omitted, it is assumed that the object belongs to the grammatical subject and not to the speaker.

Of course this could also be a 'general aunt', but interpreting this as 'my aunt' would definitely be too much.


thanks for explanation


Could somebody explain, why this is a future ("will visit")?


Odwiedzić is a perfective verb, so all its non-past conjugations are future tense.

If it were the imperfective odwiedzać (dzieci odwiedzają...), then the translation would be in present tense.

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