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  5. "Cer adre!"

"Cer adre!"

Translation:Go home!

August 14, 2016



Cer adre, Duo, rwyt ti wedi meddwi!

(Go home, Duo, you're drunk!)


Is there a dialect difference between dos and cer/ewch and cewch? Or is it free variation where the same speaker might use either?


The preferred forms do vary between dialects, but also between registers of the language (on a scale of formality/informality).

(And in the case of mynd, it would be cerwch rather than cewch, which comes from cael - ewch might be a less confusing choice to stick with!)


Diolch yn fawr!

[deactivated user]

    I have had the word 'Cer' twice in this section. Each time, the translation was 'walk' Why does 'Cer adre' turn out to be GO home? Where is the clue to steer me right? 'Walk home' is rejected totally as wrong.


    I have just checked the database and hints, and they all show cer! correctly as 'go!' and cerdda/cerddwch! correctly as 'walk!'

    Edit - According to some background discussions, there seem to have been some site slowdowns in the past couple of days. That might be indicative of other problems...

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