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Anyone else having problems strengthening the "Definite conjugation" skill?


I have done, and done, and redone, the "Definite conjugation" skill over and over via both the timed and untimed practice options, but it just will not strengthen, at least for me.

The questions are all pretty much the same, so I'm getting really good at the 18-20 or so items that keep coming up. But maybe that's why I can't get the skill fully strengthened? Is anyone else having this problem or anything that might be related? Any insights or suggestions will be appreciated.

Köszönöm. "Viszontírásra."

August 14, 2016


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I struggled with that one twice. But it hasn't come up again.

It is so far the most "up hill" lesson i have encountered.

Nevertheless, i feel I need the "strengthening" exercises.

sok szerencsét!!!

P.S. I am puzzled by "Visszontírásra" (shouldn't it be Viszontlátásra? ) (something i am missing maybe?) Bocs.


Re: "Viszontírásra", it is a play on "viszontlátásra": Instead of "until we see each other again," it's saying "until we write each other again" (loosely translated in both cases, of course). I have a couple of Hungarian friends who put that in their e-mails from time to time.

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That's really interesting and it makes perfect sense :)

I am going to have to start using it from now on :D

Köszönöm szépen


There was a lesson in the Welsh course which was similarly stuck; I believe that the solution/workaround there was not to strengthen the whole skill but to explicitly redo the single lesson within the skill.

I'm not sure how many lessons this Hungarian skill has, but you could try re-doing the lesson(s) there to see whether that gilds the skill.


Thanks for the advice. I imagine doing that will help me get better/faster at recognizing and using the definite forms.

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