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  5. "מה הצבע של כיפת הסלע?"

"מה הצבע של כיפת הסלע?"

Translation:What is the color of the Dome of the Rock?

August 14, 2016



צֶבַע שֶׁל כִּפַּת הַסֶּלַע צָהֹב אוֹ זהוב. http://www.nakdan.com/Nakdan.aspx


האם כיפת כמו אבן או לא?


Dome is כיפה. (Also the name of the Jewish "skullcap" or "yarmulke" - kippa).

Stone - אבן

Rock - סלע


How about Peter's name which is derived from Cephas? Or is it Aramaic?


You're right, כיפא/ܟܐܦܐ (kepa/kefa) appears to mean rock in Aramaic/Syriac. But I'm not sure that there's a direct link to כיפה. Peter is called פטרוס/Petros or שמעון בר יונה in Hebrew, basically "Simon son of Jonah".

By the way, the Hebrew for Little Red Riding Hood is כיפה אדומה.


According to Rubik Rosenthal, "הכיפה נקראת כך על שום צורתה הכפופה" (so the word כיפה comes from the root כ.פ.פ, which means to bend).

In biblical Hebrew there's a similar word that means rock, כף (kef), which is rare in modern Hebrew (though still appears in crosswords and literature). But nowadays the word כף is used more as a translation of 'cape' from English (like in Cape Verde = כף ורדה, Cape of Good Hope = כף התקווה הטובה).


Wow! Very good info!


Also common traditionally among Middle Eastern Jews: https://he.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/כאפיה


πeτρα petra is a greek word - stone


האם זה באמאת צריך 'the' לכל מילה של כיפת הסלע באנגלית? אני לא חושב!


Sorry this translation doesn't work for me. I would say "What color is the Dome of the Rock?"

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