"Zgubiłam klucze."

Translation:I lost the keys.

August 14, 2016

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The audio is difficult to discern whether the voice says "zgubiłem" or "zgubiłam," so neither one should be marked wrong, in my opinion


I disabled the audio exercises.


I was just learning from another discussion that Polish excludes possessives when it's obvious from the context. I forgot the exact sentence in question, but it was something like "He is looking for his passport" translating to "On szuka paszportu." Either I misunderstood what was being said, or my translation of this sentence should be accepted: "I lost my keys."


"I lost my keys" works now, it definitely should.


when to use zgubliam, when to use przegralam, and when to use stracilem?


Przegrać is to lose (opposition of to win), zgubić (to lose, to lose track of, opposition of to find), stracić (to lose, to stop having something, opposition of to gain)


stracić sounds like the same Slavic root as Russian potratit' which means "to spend money," or potieriat' which is a more direct translation from the Polish "to lose/to stop having something"


Stracić has also another meaning: to execute sb.


Przegrałem when I lost the game, like tennis, basketball, etc.


Native Polish speaker here. I am pretty sure that the normal-paced voice says "zgubiłem" (masculine) rather than "zgubiłam" (feminine). The slow-paced voice is all right, though, but nobody in their right mind double checks something they're THAT confident in. Is there a way to improve that voice?


Not really. But the audio exercises should be blocked... or did you get it as "type what you hear" sentence?

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