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For anyone looking for Hebrew music

I created this playlist of Hebrew songs, I add them as I find them. If you have any suggestions let me know down below here.

As a side note most of the music I have in this playlist is more modern music.


For anyone looking for strictly party music I created a playlist minus a lot of the songs in the above playlist I deemed to slow for a party. I use this playlist often at parties.


As of now I don't have many songs, a fair amount, but like I said if you have any great songs let me know. And I hope this helps some people... enjoy :)

August 14, 2016



Have a Lingot!

I've been listening to it off and on throughout the day, thanks for sharing!


Your quite welcome :)


Honestly Spotify doesn't have many Israeli songs and artists to begin with. That is the biggest issue. I can recommend sone great artists but you won't find some on Spotify at all or more than a song or two if you do. That's the real issue. YouTube is significantly better for this.


I'd love to hear some recommendations!



This is an Israeli website that has lots of playlists. Not all the music is Israeli, but you can easily find playlists that are only Israeli. Look around. You'll definitely find some stuff you'd like.


I love to listen to the band MIQEDEM... they are doing traditional, ethnic Hebrew music...

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