Please help Esperanto in StackExchange. It will be a good website for asking questions on Esperanto

Do you know "English Language & Usage" in StackExchange? It is a formidable website for asking questions about English and receiving clear answers. People can even edit the questions and the answers for extra efficiency.

It would be amazing to have the same thing in Esperanto. At the present time, people are asking questions in Reddit, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram ... everywhere in the Internet. There is no central place for asking questions about Esperanto. It is good to ask questions on these websites, but responses get lost after some time or become more or less hidden. Because of that, learners must do extra work to find the answers to their questions.

It would be good if a response to an answer benefits for all Esperanto-learners of the Internet, right? Esperanto-StackExchange would simplify everything. Experts about Esperanto would simply gather around the website, and everyone in the Internet will be able to access valuable information quickly.

So where is the project? It is here:

Please "commit" to the project. It will show that people are interested to have a Question-Response website for Esperanto. We are only missing 6 people with more than 200 points in a website of StackExchange, to start the website. Nothertheless, every "commit" from new members helps, since it puts Esperanto at the top of the popular projects.

Bonvolu! Baldaŭ Esperantujo havos novan ilon por lernantoj!

August 14, 2016


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This is going to be so interesting! I'm already looking forward to all the "why is there an 'n'" at the end of so many words"-questions. :D

August 15, 2016


August 15, 2016


August 15, 2016

Really close, we are almost there.

August 14, 2016

Suuurrre we are; how can I believe someone with a username like that? :-P

September 22, 2016

Vi neniam povas kredi al mi kaj pro tio mi bonas, ĉar vi mem devas pensi kio estas la vereco kaj kio ne. :-P

September 29, 2016

You may have seen StackExchange in Google searches if you're familiar with StackFlow (programming), Mathematics or Unix/Linux or any number of other technical or scientific subjects.

But there are many subjects you can ask questions about and contribute answers on. If you take a look at those sites here . You will find movies, music, writing and even art. There is room on Stackexchange for the person wanting to discuss even the subjective. Whether it's something absolute like math or as subjective as art, you can find a place to contribute.

If English isn't your first language, look again. StackExchange is embracing other languages. There's also room to grow through Area51. Area51 is where you can start an area on a subject you care about.

August 15, 2016

Good job, We just need 2 persons with > 200 points

August 15, 2016

So maybe I don't get the point of the questions we are supposed to be asking in Area51. I thought I was doing a good thing by asking questions, thinking it would generate activity, interest, and good discussion. I asked two today and they were both closed by the moderator stating that they were off-topic:

'"This looks like a question for a site that hasn't been created, yet. This forum is designed to discuss these proposals to create new sites. If a site is created for this subject, you might be able to ask your question there, but I have to close this as 'off topic' for this forum. Sorry about the confusion." – James Jenkins, Robert Cartaino'

So it seems we are supposed to ask question about the necessity of having an Esperanto Stack Exchange website and not questions about the language itself?

My questions aren't much different than the ones already listed in the "Top Example Questions" section at the bottom of the page.

August 15, 2016

Sorry for that, it is hard to understand how Area51 works. So Area51 is the place where people ask new websites for StackExchange. For each project, there are two phases : the first phase (Definition) is about making questions as if the website already exist. The goal is to have an idea of the questions that will appear if the website come to life. The second phase (Commitment) is about bringing enough motivated people to this project. We are in the second phase, so questions like we ask in the first phase are not allowed anymore. We can still ask some questions, but not about Esperanto itself, but about the project.

August 15, 2016

Ok, makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. I guess I was thrown off by seeing the phase 1 questions at the bottom.

August 15, 2016

I'd like to help, but really, Stackexchange is a terrible choice.

February 10, 2017
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