"Nie chcę teraz jeść."

Translation:I do not want to eat now.

August 14, 2016

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Ja zawsze chcę jeść


I wrote: "I don't want to eat right now." This would be the same thing wouldn't it?


Should work now.


Is the adverb (in this case, 'teraz') always before the second verb or is possible to put it at the end of the sentence?


It could be at the end, it would give stronger emphasis on it.

"I don't want to eat it NOW, but generally I am going to eat it!"


If there is no nasal sound on the "E" In "I want" then "I do not want" sounds the same as "he/she does not want" unless the personal pronoun is included. Obviously in real life you would know but it makes audio exercises tricky.


That is true, although luckily that is still only treated as a typo, and moreover audio exercises don't even show you the 'you made a typo' message nowadays (known bug).

I added this sentence to the Homophones Request list, so "chcę" and "chce" could be considered homophones and so the audio exercises would consider them equally correct in this sentence.


I think Yoda is a native Polish speaker

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