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  5. "קחו את הכלב לטיול."

"קחו את הכלב לטיול."

Translation:Take the dog for a trip.

August 15, 2016



How do you say, "Take the dog for a walk"? MTIA


According to Reverso, that's exactly the right translation for this Hebrew sentence. And according to my American English, Duolingo's translation sounds awkward.

2020-04-10 rich739183


My sentence above was marked correct today. 24 July 2020


Can anyone else hear the ק from קחו in the audio? Just sounds like חו to me.


It's there. What happens is the ק and the ח are produced in the same area of the mouth. The ק isn't released completely so there's no vowel between the two consonants. In technical terms you could call it an affricate.


How would you know whether it's "a trip" or "the trip"?


In writing without vowels you can't tell so you basically have to know based on context. In speed it's the ל prefix is pronounced differently: leti'ul vs lati'ul


I wrote "take the dog to the trip"and it wasn't accepted. Can't it be like this?


As an American, I would say "take the dog on the trip."

2020-04-10 rich739183


Me too, but that's also marked wrong


ZacharyNei4, I hope you reported it, although I don't have much hope that it will be fixed.

2020-06-22 rich739183


To clarify: The issue is that the course fails to fulfill the promise that they made in the Tips for the "Letters 2" skill:

Some words are written with the same letters but have different nikud and are pronounced differently .... In this case we will help you by adding nikud where necessary.

Not only is this valuable for people who simply miss the significance of the prefix sound "Le-" vs "La-", but it's essential for those who, for whatever temporary or permanent reason, cannot hear it.

2020-07-24 rich739183


Take the dog to a trip or take a dog for a walk, but not take the dog for a trip


There is no 'a' in the options...


Sara, the flag/report button is supposed to be the best way to direct your comment to the course creators.

2020-10-30 rich739183

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