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"בכל שנה סבתא שלי מזמינה את כל המשפחה לחגוג את ליל הסדר אצלה בבית."

Translation:Every year my grandmother invites the whole family to celebrate the Passover Seder at her house.

August 15, 2016



All of the words are preselected for me. Probably a bug or is Duolingo being nice that I got to the last tier?


‘At her place’ got rejected. I see your team was lacking in Americans…


I applied, but they didn't like me for some odd reason. Not for any reason you might think, because at least one of their team members is just like me


Yeah all preselected again!


Every time I get this there is a word missing!

[deactivated user]

    Found the same problem several times


    Now the missing word is Seder, please correct


    Should be invites and not is inviting which is speaking in the present


    "Passover Seder" should be accepted without a definite article. (like "we celebrate Christmas")


    In UK Jewish families, nobody ever says "to celebrate Passover Seder". What we do say, and I've reported that it should be accepted, is "Seder night". The only circumstances in which a Jewish person would say "Passover seder" is when explaining it to non-Jews.


    Furthermore, the Hebrew sentence doesn't contain the word פסח , presumably because Israeli Jews also know that Seder night is associated with Pesach.


    Who needs the word "night"? It's a seder!


    I also got marked incorrect for Seder night


    Just over 5 weeks till Seder Night -- here's hoping that Duolingo can get this page sorted out by then :)


    Aaaaaa. Tooooolong. Cant read what i wrote. Screen to small on phonr


    Not should be: with her at home? Because it says אצלה בבית and not: בבית שלה.


    The first one אצלה בבית is simply the most natural way of saying "at her house". It's like "chez elle" in French. בבית שלה is also "in her house", but it's very literal.


    The word 'year' was missing from the choices when translating the sentence. They marked me wrong for not including a word that wasn't there.


    The word "celebrate" is missing. I had to switch to a virtual keyboard to write the rest of the sentence.


    What's wrong with "in her house"? I know you say AT home but as far as I know you can say IN or AT a house.


    I wrote in her house and it was marked wrong. But it is, of course, perfectly correct. I will flag it, although I feel silly arguing with Duo about what is correct or incorrect in English...


    Bechol shana savta sheli mazmina et kol ha'mishpacha lachgog et leil ha'seder etzla ba'beit.

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