"Die Frau lernt."

Translation:The woman is studying.

February 3, 2013

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How do I know when is translated as learns or as is learning?


I always translate the verbs to English without using the continuous aspect, it makes more sense to me and is easier that way. However, I have come upon one instance in Duolingo where the program required the continuous aspect to be written. As far as I am concerned, if you feel that you must translate it into proper English use the woman is learning. If it makes sense to you and you do not need to translate into proper English, go ahead and translate it as the woman learns.


You don't know from the words itself, because learning is a form of time not existing in german. You can say both and depending on the situation both translations are correct. ..ing if sb. is doing it just now, so if the woman sits in front of her book, she is learning. Maybe she just learns that you don't walk over red lights by gettING hit by a bicycle. In german one would circumvent this by adding "just now" or "at the moment" or sth.


The woman teaches . I think it's an appropriate verb used in this case. What do you think so?


The verb lernen means to learn, not to teach which is lehren. It can mean "the woman learns" however.


Why is "The wife learns" incorrect? Is there a difference between "die Frau" as "the woman" and "die Frau" as "the wife"?


'The woman learn' should be accepted, says it is wrong


I answered "The woman learned". Why is this wrong?


This is because the verb is in the present tense. Lernt may sound like the English "learned" but keep in mind that doesn't mean it has the same meaning as English. German and English are two different languages.


I didn't even think about how it was in past tense. Thank you!


Think about it this was ig it sounds right in English then you traslated it correctly

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