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"I am Kati. What is your name?"

Translation:Kati vagyok. Hogy hívnak?

August 15, 2016



What is the meaning of Teged?


It is the accusative (direct object) form of "you" (second person singular).


Why mi a neved is wrong?


Why do you need to add Teged?


Is it possible to say “Kati a nevem. Hogy hívnak?”


Yes, I'd say so, just less common.


I guess, but it means "Kati is the name. What's you name?" So you're not really specifying that Kati is your own name. Its just THE name


I don't think that's right. For it to mean "Kati is the name" it would be "Kati a név" By having the first person possessive -em on the end of név it makes it so that it means "My name is Kati." If you are translating it really literally I guess it means "Kati the name(mine)" with the "is" being implied but the bottom line is, it means "My name is Kati" and not "Kati is the name."


Why is Kati translated to Kató?


Looks like they fixed it to read Kati now. I'm certain your question helped them catch the error!


What exactly is "hivnak"? "Te a neved" makes a lot of sense to me and seems to be the correct literal translation to "what is your name". Much akin to how Duolingo tries to press "jo nopot" as being equivalent to "hello" despite that the literal translation is "good day" or "(i wish upon you a) good day". Is something similar to that happening with "hogy hivnak" where this translation is not quite literal?


"Te a neved" is not correct but "a (te) neved" is :)

Hogy hívnak is hogy=how and hívnak=teged (acc. you) hívni (to call)

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