"Do you not see the buses?"

Translation:Nem látjátok a buszokat?

August 15, 2016

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I find this a particularly "tricky" question. it is a multiple choice. One choice is using the singular you and another one the plural you (the one given here as the only acceptable answer). At first sight both appear correct. The tricky part is that there is "az" instead of "a" in front of buszokat, and this is the reason why the singular version is not accepted. I know that one should be careful and make sure that each word is correct but I can imagine someone with a big smile saying: "I got you".


I completely agree with you, but it's just the sentiment of this site in general, in my experience. You will surely be asked to choose the correct one from Schlafzimmer & *Schlafszimmer in the German course if you haven't already been.


I was probably in bed and asleep. I did not notice that one. In addition, I would expect this from Germans.


I think it may indeed be the system making up the multiple choices, and the "Creators" have no say in what is offered as incorrect solutions. So, it is Duo herself smiling, if my sources are correct.


That has always been my understanding - the system picks things at random as distractor sentences, some of which are obvious nonsense and some of which are only very subtle nonsense. (And some of which even happen to be correct, but the system does not know it because that combination had not been added as an alternative.)


OK, I can understand the complexity here. I will try to be less nasty but still constructive. It seems that my frustration level is decreasing.


...(the one given here as the only acceptable answer)...

-------- duo just accepted "nem la'tod a buszokat ? "

Big 4 may 18

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