"Kup mi coś w sklepie."

Translation:Buy me something in the shop.

August 15, 2016

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"from the store" isn't the SAME as "in the store?"


buy something for me in the store, why is this wrong


OK, added. But technically, that's a bit different grammatical construction: "Kup coś dla mnie w sklepie".


Is there any difference in pronunciation to say 'Kupmy coś w sklepie' just as 'Let's buy something in the shop'?


Well yes, i and y aren't the same sound after all ;) Although I get it why that may be similar.


Thanks. Listening to it later in the slow version, the words were very clear but, at the normal speed, I was just trying to make it mean something! I hope I've learnt from it!


Audio problem:

To my (UK) ears, normal audio pronounces coś as cóś. Slow audio is OK. (Female audio in both cases.)

I've heard cóś in other exercises, too.

EDIT [(~3 weeks later) 10 Feb 2019 08:40 UTC] All my exercises over the past few weeks used only the female voice. But whenever the Discuss page has (normal-speed) audio, it's always the generally far better-enunciated male voice – maybe 'he''s 'her' younger brother, better trained in TTS?

At the top of this page 'he' clearly says coś – but I unexpectedly hear no trace of w...


Male or female voice? I only hear the male one now. The intonation of the sentence is very weird, but "coś" seems to be "coś"...


Good question: I can't actually remember! I'll let you know when "cóś" next comes round.

This could take some time.

EDIT: One day later, both my lessons used the female voice. Of course, no "cóś" came up...


BTW, some people say "cóś" (written either "cóś" or "cuś"), I think usually it's said like that jokingly, although apparently it can also be dialectal.

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