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" est le pantalon du garçon ?"

Translation:Where are the boy's pants?

February 3, 2013



Since "pantalon" is singular in French, why isn't the answer, "Where is the boy's pants"?


Because, in English, "pants" is a plural word, so you need to use "are" (plural of "is")


In order to avoid the ambiguity, i think the translation should have been "where is the boy's pair of trousers". That is clearer and accepting


pour quoi devrons nous faire 'are' au lieux de 'is' : where are the ... au lieux de where is the ... ? merci pour d’éclaircir


In English "pants" is always in plural to mean the singular "pantalon".


Where are the boy's pants? is that ok? what was that: Where are the boys' pants?


le pantalon du garçon = one boy => the boy's pants

le pantalon DES garçonS = several boys => the boys' pants


could you explain to me when we say "du", and when "de" ?( or smth like this ). i don't know if i remembered it well, but it was often in "food" section too


"du" is the contraction of "de-le" = basically "of the" (+ masculine noun)

It is used in 2 cases:

PARTITIVE - to express "a piece of, a part of", ie when you don't use (eat/drink) the whole object. Ex: je veux du vin = I want (some) wine - je prends de l'argent = I take (some) money.

COMPLEMENT OF A NOUN - to mean "of the" including the translation of English possessive cases. Ex: le chien du garçon = the boy's dog / the dog of the boy. Ex: le bas de la page = the bottom of the page


''where is the pants of the boy?'' is a correct answer!!!!


In English, "pants" (and "trousers") are treated grammatically as plural, even when they refer to a single garment. Consider it payback for "Elle me manque" (I miss her).


Why doesn't it accept trousers!? Pants is american, trousers is uk. Pants in the uk is underpants!


"Where are the boy's trousers" is an accepted translation.


Trousers Pants same thing in English. Should be accepted


"Where are the boy's trousers?" has been accepted for at least two years.


The common expression is America is "Where's the boy's pants," even though grammatically incorrect. I am an American educator. This is not up for debate.

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