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  5. "אני לובש מכנסיים."

"אני לובש מכנסיים."

Translation:I wear pants.

August 15, 2016



For every clothing item it is used a different verb in herbew, is it so?


no, for all kinds of shirts, pants and panties we're using verbs from the root ל.ב.ש (for example,לובשת, אלבש, לובשים etc)

socks in Hebrew are גרביים and come from the root ג.ר.ב therefore we're using verbs from this root (גורבת, אגרוב, גורבים), unfortunately though these days many young people use verbs from the root ל.ב.ש (as in לבשתי גרביים instead of גרבתי גרביים).

shoes (נעליים) comes from the root נ.ע.ל so the right verbs would be נועל, נעלתי etc.

scarf (צעיף) is a bit diferent, we have a verbs that describe actions related to wrapping things - כריכה - usually in the sense of rotating the cover around what you're wrapping (for example, when bandaged a sprained ankle) so we are כורכים צעיפים (for example כרכתי את הצעיף. תכרוך את הצעיף etc)

most accessories are נענדים a verb that comes from the root ע.נ.ד distortion of the root ע.ד.ה the same semetic root of the word עדי (jewelry, decorative valuable thing)

when talking about garments that contains zippers (רוכסנים) or buttons (כפתורים) we can use verbs from the root ר.כ.ס or כ.פ.ת.ר. rather special exception is the bra, as the essence of wearing it is in it's "lace up" (רכיסה, like zippers).


As an english man... Boy I sure hope so!!!


Lol, my exact thoughts! Duolingo does accept "trousers" as an alternative answer though.


DUOLINGO: to be clear for British and Irish speakers, you should say "trousers" and not "pants". In British and Irish English, "pants" ALWAYS means underwear and many are unaware that North Americans ALWAYS mean trousers when they say "pants".


For each time that someone says "pants," will it always be plural (מכנסיים) in Hebrew? (The aforementioned word has ים at the end of it that indicates that it's plural, but is there ever a use for a 'singular' kind of pants?)


this question raises many disputes xD

according the Academy, מכנס is only one "sleeve" of the pants meaning that מכנסיים is one of the exceptions like משקפיים - glasses.


Is מכנסיים for only one pair of trousers? If so how would i refer to multiple pairs of trousers?

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