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"בשורה הראשונה יש כמה מילים שאני לא מכיר."

Translation:The first line has a few words that I do not recognize.

August 15, 2016


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"In the first line there are some words that I don't know." should be right as well.


לְמַעֲשֶׂה, זֶהוּ הַתַּרְגּוּם המְדוּיָק בְּיוֹתֵר.


I believe this is an incorrect translation. If the Hebrew sentence began "לשורה הראשונה" then it would be correct to say "The first line has". Since it is "בשורה הראשונה" then the correct translation would be "in the first line their are". DL accepted that, but appears to prefer "has" to "there are".


Someone wrote that even though both are correct, using בשורה is more natural and therefore more common. And the more natural way to translate this sentence is with "has", not "there are".

But I get what you are saying. DL sometimes prefers the more literal translation, even though it sounds awkward in English, and sometimes it allows non-literal translation. But the problem is trying to guess when to use which.


Ba'shura ha'rishona yesh kama milim she'ani lo makir.


One of these annoying sentences at which one gets stuck, because there are many correct ways of translating it, but only a few are accepted by the app...


"In the first row..." Wasn't accepted?? Seriously...


So כמה מילים = several words? I'd only learned it with the meaning 'how many'.


How do we know it is"some words" and not"many words"?


"Many words" "הרבה מילים" or "מילים רבות". "כמה" = several, a few, a bit or how much, how many. https://www.pealim.com/dict/4451-harbe/ http://www.morfix.co.il/%D7%9B%D7%9E%D7%94


Can יש be moved to the beginning of the sentence? Can בשורה הראשונה be moved to the end?

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