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  5. "Вам нужны карандаши."

"Вам нужны карандаши."

Translation:You need pencils.

August 15, 2016



Why can it not be just "карандаш"? (where two people can use "one more pencil".)

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Карандаши=pencils (plural, nominative or accusative).
One more pencil = ещё один карандаш.


vam is dative/genetiv for vac, and what is the dative/genetive for tvoy?


"Твой" means "your" and the dative would be "твоему".

But, I guess, what you wanted to know is the dative of "ты" - "you". In that case it's "тебе".

vam is dative/genetiv for vac

"Вам" is the dative, while "вас" is the genitive (and accusative, and prepositional). The nominative, i.e. basic form, is "вы".

[deactivated user]

    I fail to see how that is an answer. I thought it should be just one pencil, so I chose карандаш

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    The exercise is to translate "Вам нужны карандаши" to English. Карандаши=pencils, unambiguously plural in both languages. So how is this not an answer?


    The exercise was not, for me, to translate a given sentence to English. It was to select a filler for the gap in "Вам нужны ____." One of the answers was "карандаш", another was "карандаши".

    The actual answer is below.


    Нужны is plural. That's how you know to use карандаши instead of карандаш.


    "The actual answer is below" спасибо!


    But why can't you interpret вам as the polite singular, and use the singular, карандаш? I see now the answer is below (Gari). It hinges on нужны which tells us "pencils" not "pencil".


    Because the number of pencils has nothing to do with "вам"/"тебе". "Polite singular" means that you are talking to one person and are on formal terms with them. That person still could need several pencils.


    Yes, I am wondering the same. This question refers to the exercise, where you have several possibilities and a choice. I think the answers were meant for pure translation, but the original question isn't answered yet. So what is: "You need a pencil." in Russian? Unfortunately I cannot answer this, but maybe you know by the fom of "need" (вам нужны) that a plural form has to follow?


    English and Russian are not my native tongues, so I don't guarantee anything. However it is my understanding that Вам is dative, hence is not the subject of the sentence. Карандаши is. If I wanted to make a comparison, I'd use "pencils are useful to you". That is not the real meaning of the sentence, but the construction of the sentence is similar. So, if I tell you "... are useful to you" and I give you the choice between "a pencil" or "pencils", you don't have a choice :) To say "you need a pencil" you would say " Вам нужен карандаш", where нужен is the masculine singular form of the verb. Hope that helps (and that I'm right)


    What if they're sharing a pencil?


    Then you would need нужен instead of нужны.

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