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  5. "Você come carne vermelha."

"Você come carne vermelha."

Translation:You eat beef.

February 3, 2013



Is it "beef" or "red meat" or either?


Red meat is more accurate. Beef only if it's generally speaking, because sometimes people use "carne vermelha" to refer to any bovine meat.


Question: Is pork considered to be red or white meat?


Pork is red meat.


Thank you!! Por favor diga isso à minha mãe. Lol. I know that it starts out red when raw but when cooked turns somewhat whitish. My mom insists that you use white wine for pork since it's white meat, but I say that one should use vinho tinto porque a carne é vermelha. LOL XD


E que de baleia? A carne é muito gostosa.


A sério? Nunca provei baleia....


In the English speaking world, pork is referred to as white meat.


It was marketed as, "the other white meat" to associate it with chicken when red meat was considered less healthy. They did a lot of questionable, even unethical and certainly unhealthful things to pigs to get their meat paler, leaner, and in the end, tougher (the last not one of their marketing strategies).


It is also subliminal advertising that has people eating pork for breakfast (spearheaded by a Jewish man no less), as well as to get women smoking and shaving everything. There was something to sell, so marketing was made to create a market.




If we knew how we were manipulated we'd be far more powerful, and probably happier as well.

But of course we'd be smarter too. =]


In the world of meat, world-wide pork is not considered white meat.


Oh..., interesting!


why can't I use "red beef"?


Because carne does not refer only to beef.


Because 'meat' and 'beef' are not equivalents.


Porque não!. você fala maça vermelha? não, porque ela ja é vermelha

Why not!. you talk apple red? not, because it is already red


dude when replying back to someone and you are teaching them a language make sure you get things right why not is three words not two por que why is two words and not one porque spelt together means because. Always spell things right because we learners can get confused.


por que não = why not porque = because


Well let's confuse the learners a bit more and point out that in European Portuguese (which also covers Asia and Africa) there are just "porque" and "porquê" and both are single words (unlike the 4 versions in Brazil). The only time it seems separate is when it means separate words (for what...).



Bad example. Apples come in several different colors. Lol.


Not both wrong...it is own of country, you can say that yes but there is no sense why? Because as spanish as portuguese red meat is use to call beef not red beef i think that you over saying that the meat is red and over red, also the apple has diferent colors like green not always


you eat red beef - is not right :(


Could i say

Você come vermelha carne?


Nope. Colo(u)rs are almost always (i.e. outside the realm of poetry) placed after the noun.

You may see some cases where it seems like you have the colo(u)r after before the noun, but you're either mistaking it for an actual noun (for example, the PT-PT word for blood orange is laranja vermelha, but here "laranja" is the fruit, therefore a noun) or just a specific shade of a certain colo(u)r ("vermelho sangue" - blood red, i.e.; "verde alface" - lettuce green; "verde limão [Br.] / verde lima [Pt.]" - lime green) and the whole block should be treated as a single colo(u)r, placed after the noun it is qualifying ("uma parede verde limão" - A lime green wall).

A color only appears naturally before a noun when itself is used as a noun (o azul do mar = the blue [colo(u)r] of the sea), and in those situations it's always separated from the second noun by a preposition, usually "de".


I translated you eat red meat and it was wrong , eu precisso saber porqe =)

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