Music for Brazilian Portuguese learners

An extremely good way to practice listening and compehension (as well as pronounciation, to some extent) for any foreign language is listening to music in such language. Music is a pleasing tool to getting used to a language's sonority, while you practice your listening comprehension by tryng to figure out the words the artist is singing and what they mean. Trying to learn the lyrics is also very useful for practicing pronounciation, accent and fluidity. As a native Brazilian myself, I listen to a lot of Brazilian music both by choice and around the streets. So I've set up a very diversified Brazilian music playlist on Spotify that can be very useful to Portuguese learners. Hope you enjoy it, have fun.

August 15, 2016


also thanks dude you had some on there that i haven't heard yet, here is a lingot

August 15, 2016

Just starting to work knowledge into sentences (O que uma grande idéia depois da meia-noite), so please excuse my Portuguese and feel free to give better directions than I found myself ;-)

Boa noite e muito obrigado, Arthur! Eu escutei um rápido vez, e há algumas canções boa aqui. É tambem uma lista mais grande que a que eu me começou na semana passada. Olhei em volta de Spotify e realmente gostei Engenheiros do Hawaii. Perto de nome do band legal, "Pra ser sincero" foi especialmente bom declarou e fácil a seguir para um estrangeiro. O Teatro Mágico apelou também para mim. Demais desde eu foi em Brasil no dezesseis anos, eu também tenho memórias apaixonado com Los Hermanos e "Anna Júlia".

Here's a lingot!

August 19, 2016

You're doing well, keep studying you'll get there real quick.

Here are some corrections:

Eu dei uma escutada rápida (this is more informal and sounds more natural)

É também uma lista maior (mais grande is gramatically in correct, it's like the more good vs better) que a que eu comecei (1st personal singular conjugation) na semana passada.

Dei uma olhada pelo Spotify (olhar em volta means literally around, that is, around you, too look at your surroundings. To mean check something out use "dar uma olhada").

gostei DE Engenheiros do Hawaii (don't forget the preposition)

Além do nome da banda ser legal (I guess you tried to say Besides here, amyrite? Perto means close, near)

Dont know what you meant by this "bom declarou" there, but it doesnt fit right. And you'd better say "fácil de entender", even though you may use follow in English to transmit that idea, we don't use it in Portuguese, Seguir is just physically follow someone, literally.

Apelar doesn't mean to appeal, that's a false cognate, don't fall in the trap, hehe. In that case, use atrair. O Teatro Mágico também me atraiu bastante.

Here I got lost again, I didnt quite get what you meant by that sentence, it needs working. I guess you meant uve last been in Brazil when you were 16 years old? Or 16 years ago?

Lovely memories are better translated as "lindas/belas memórias"

August 20, 2016

Muito obrigado!

August 16, 2016


August 19, 2016


August 21, 2016

oh thank you, I only listen to one brazilian artist and I was looking for more, I'll check out your playlist later, obrigada!

August 22, 2016

olá, sou brasileiro e busco novos conhecimentos em lingua inglesa, alguém afim de conversar?

August 25, 2016
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