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  5. "בת דודה שלי תשמע על זה!"

"בת דודה שלי תשמע על זה!"

Translation:My cousin will hear about this!

August 15, 2016



Bat doda sheli tishma al zeh!


דודה is aunt, בת דודה is a female cousin


Yes, דודה is aunt. Her daughter is a בת דודה and her son is a בן דודה. Someone pointed out in another discussion that בן דודה and בת דוד are not often used. Still, they are correct.


The audio is blurry. Sounded like את זה


audio: badod......you cannot hear the t in bat


אני מסכים. באמת, באתי לכאן כדי לראות אם מישהו אחר חשב את אותו הדבר.


Could someone post the pronunciation of the sentence? The audio is confusing.


Also, sounded like הדודה שלי


Are there any guidelines about which words get ultimate stress and which get penultimate stress, or is this just something to memorize? (I'm not concerned right now about words that get earlier stress.) For whatever reason, I expected to hear "dodá" and don't know how to tell that this word is "dóda". At first I thought that it might be specific to the phrase בת דודה, but דודה by itself is also "dóda" on forvo.

2020-09-09 rich739183

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