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Impossible to pass Verbs 1

For someone who doesn't know Portuguese yet, even with eidetic memory, it's impossible to pass some lessons of Verbs 1 on first try, maybe even on second try.

So many definitions are wrong! Hovering over a verb, chances are 60% that the suggested translation will not be deemed correct.

This has to change ASAP. The discussions show that people have been complaining about this for at least a month, and no sign of improvement. I'm tempted to stop using Duolingo Portuguese until this issue is fixed, because I'm tired of having to repeat lessons several times through no fault of my own.

Fixing this shouldn't take someone more than one hour to look at all the definitions and make sure they're correct.

February 3, 2013



Hi there! We are checking it, thank you for the feedback!


Sad, portuguese is not so easy, but I think Duolingo will fix that problem. Best wishes from a brazilian guy.

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