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"We have a black and white dog."

Translation:Nous avons un chien noir et blanc.

February 3, 2013



i typed in "nous avons un chien blanc et noir" This should be right! :( last heart


The Duo machine doesn't like rearranging word order for two reasons. One, it would take an exponential amount of increased programming to make it possible. Second, Duo has no way of knowing if you are reading the words correctly or really understand them.

You may be satisfied that you know black and white in French and English but the only way Duo can know this for sure is if you type it in the order it was given to you.


I agree your answer shouldn't be docked. I did a Google search and "blanc et noir" was more common than "noir et blanc."


Two extraordinarily famous French composers (Debussy and Satie) separately wrote pieces of music under the title Blanc et Noir. Take out all references to the work of Debussy and/or Satie and the number of google results for blanc et noir is considerably reduced. Take out similar brand names and then you will find most of the entries under blanc et noir turn out to be noir et blanc.


I hate getting a whole sentence correct except for ONE letter!! Aaaaarg


Is this the same translation; nous avons un chien noir et blanc nous avons un chien noir et un chien blanc


No. The first sentence you gave is talking about 1 dog. The second is talking about 2 dogs.


what if the dog was a female, would it change the french or no


Yes. Chien would become chienne, noir would become noire and blanc would become blanche and un would be come une.

Nous avons une chienne noire et blanche.


It didn't accept my feminine version! Why!


I wrote "Nous avons un chien c'est noir et blanc". I understand that Duolingo cannot possibly translate EVERYHING correctly,but if i were to say it this way would i be correct?


I'm not in a high level of french (or even english) and I'm not sure; but I think, though your sentence MEANS the SAME thing, but its EXACT translation would be : "we have a dog, IT IS black and white". u see that IT IS is excessive. in the original sentence "black and white" is the adj of "chin" but in yours, "it is black and white" is a distinct sentence. u might meant to say: "we have a dog THAT is ...". I'm not sure but I think ur sentence is correct as an informal one but a more correct french might be: "nous avons un chin QU'IL EST ...".


I concur with you. Duolingo should accept more advanced, eloborate and correct answers too.


I like bananas too.


Why on instead of nous?


As far as I understand, "Nous avons" and "On a" are interchangeable. However, notice that the verbs are in correct conjucation... So it is not "instead of nous" per se.

Duolingo (acts weird and) assumes that you pick the conjugation correctly and messed up the pronoun; however, most of the time you pick the pronoun correctly and mess up the conjugation.

So, long story short, it would be more appropriate, if they correct "Nous a" into "Nous avons" instead of "On a". This is confusing for beginners (like myself).


I put nous avons un chien qui est blanc et noir is this incorrect?


In real life it would be the same, but doulingo can't accept all the possible translations. Your sentence says we have a dog WHICH IS white and black. That is the reason duolingo can not accept it.


I answered this question 4 times in one review . Its really enough !!!


I typed in "Nous avons une chienne noir et blanc" and it said i had to put "un chien." Why is this wrong? "Une chienne" can still be used and it means the same thing.


Chienne is feminine, therefore noir becomes noire and blanc becomes blanche.... Nous avons une chienne noire et blanche.




Having trouble NOT HAVING FUN!


It didn't like "une chienne"

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