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"הילדים האלה מפספסים את כל הכיף כי הם עדיין לומדים."

Translation:These kids are missing all the fun because they are still studying.

August 15, 2016



When the activity is "choose from the words below," sentences like these become very easy to construct without even reading the Hebrew. I usually cover up the bottom so as not to see the entire answer before getting a chance to try to figure it out myself. Please add more decoy words.


Same. It's very easy to "game" the app and just write a meaningful sentence without translating each word

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"these kids miss all the fun because they still study" why not simple tense as well?


"They still are studying" is basically the same as "They are still studying."


I hate this sentence, studying is a lot of fun, and is one of the most important activities in life, it should be celebrated not denigrated!


It cant be "The kids are all missing the fun because they are still studying"?


What does the "all" quantify in your sentences? The kids? Then the Hebrew should be כל הילדים מפספסים את הכיף


Does studying in this context mean just in terms of "learning" (like I am studying the sciences) or also in terms of studying for a test?


Rav Milim, a comprehensive online dictionary in Hebrew/English, gives one sentence that uses לומד for studying for an exam. It is definitely used for both "learning" and "studying," Penina.


When you first start playing Call of Duty and keep getting sniped by other ילדים with level 55 prestige.


I love these longer sentences. They're tough, but I'm so glad the Hebrew course challenges you with more complex sentences earlier on.


someone pls tell me why my answer is wrong "these kids miss all the fun because they still study"


It is correct, but maybe they want us to use the Present Progressive tense, since using "still" makes more sense with progressive tenses.


Acceptable alternative

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