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"He doesn't wear other shirts."

Translation:הוא לא לובש חולצות אחרות.

August 15, 2016



What's the difference between "לא" and "אינו"? Would you use one over the other here?


Eino is more formal, less in use


You will read אינו/אינה on signs or on system messages on your computer, but hardly say it. For example אתר זה אינו קיים for : this website doesn't exist


They never introduced "אינו," how do they expect anyone to get this right except by chance?


Many of these lessons appear to have inconsistent usage of "et" את to indicate the direct object. Why wouldn't this sentence be: "הוא לא לובש את חולצות אחרות" ?


That itself would be inconsistent because the direct-object-marker את is only used when it is a direct object. Hence the word את only comes to play when the following noun starts with . The word את (I think) means at.


There is not to him wears doesn't make sense so why is אינו allowed here!


Because that's not how you translate אינו. It's just like לא but more formal.


I thought it was a form of אין though.


It is, but in that case the meaning is different. אינו/אינה/... is used sometimes in formal context instead of לא, I was confused about that in the past as well.


I remember back in the day I was too. Kkk


The word אינו literally means There is not to him , whereas אין simply means There is no, but because it ends in the traditional masculine singular ending ו-, it becomes There is not to him.


There is no "to" in אינו, neither explicit nor implied. Compare to אין לו.

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