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"Ez az út valamerre Pozsony felé megy."

Translation:This road goes somewhere towards Bratislava.

August 15, 2016



Pozsony = Bratislava. Pressburg is an old name which is of little use to tourists and those who learn the language.


I laughed so hard when this item came up for me. Like YES! Thank you Duo, I am now prepared for my trip back to 1916.


They've been working on this course for a long time.


Kend hová megy? Pozsonyba?


Except for "Kend", your question is correct, natural and up to date :D


it is interesting that in almost all sentences, somewhere is not accepted (only in some direction). For once, it is the opposite.


I guess they're trying to make a distinction between valahova and valamerre. I would say that valahova emphasizes a destination location more, while valamerre is just about direction and which way you're headed.


Thank you. Your explanation makes a lot of sense.


Is this translation also possible?: This street goes in the direction of Pozsony.


Mmh, not really. First, "street" is utca, and that is something which you mainly find inside of cities and villages. This sentence is talking about a road through the countryside.
Second, "in the direction of Pozsony" can be simply translated as Pozsony felé. It's missing that "somewhere" part. You don't know exactly where the road goes, but you know that Pozsony is somewhere in that direction.
For once, the given English translation is pretty good. Well, save for the "Pressburg" part.

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