"A férfi kiugrik az épületből és elfut."

Translation:The man is jumping out of the building and running away.

August 15, 2016

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The sentence is correct, but "of" instead of "from" is arguably more natural.


Does "from" suggest a higher floor to you?


No. Maybe it's too many action movies, but when I hear "jump out of a building", I think of jumping from several stories up anyway. Presumably through a window. Maybe with a helicopter and some goons with horrible aim.

At any rate, it's so far from my mind that someone would... uh, jump out of a building at ground level - instead of, like, just walking or maybe running out - that it didn't even occur to me that that's another possible meaning until you commented.


OK, thanks! So it is unusual both ways. It is the jumping. Same in Hungarian. "Kiugrik" is not natural in Hungarian, either. So, there is something unusual. If it is "az épületből", then I immediately associate to a higher floor. If it is the ground level, then I miss the mentioning of "az ablakon" in the sentence.


This seems awkward (though not wrong) to me too. I tend to use 'from' or 'out of' but not 'out from' in this way. If I use 'out from' it tends to be along with an additional word like 'out from behind' or 'out from underneath' something.


The man is jumping out from the building and running away. Miért nem jó?


Az jó. De "jumping out of" természetesebb az angolban.

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