"Az óvónő kisétál az üzletből, felmászik a tetőre és elrepül."

Translation:The kindergarten teacher walks out of the store, climbs up onto the roof and flies away.

August 15, 2016

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Is it just me or does the voice actor sound kinda... tired? As if to say to the course creators "look guys, this was funny at first, but it's getting kind of old now".

I don't share that opinion concerning the flying kindergarten teacher jokes, but it's very annoying to me how "of" isn't considered a correct translation alongside "from", especially since it's more commonly used.


Duo is that one friend you have who does that one thing that's kind of funny sometimes, but they don't quite understand when it crosses the line to being annoying.


I think that's me sometimes :(


I totally hear what you are saying! Maybe she also had to complete the course.

Unfortunately, this "from" issue is system-wide, I saw it everywhere. Until it is corrected, it will haunt you all the way.


I actually very much appreciate that the voice reading is slower than usual. It helps when doing the practice lessons.


Is says I am wrong for not using the word 'store' I used 'shop' instead......


Shop is a nice word. Please report it. :)


Of course she did.

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