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  5. "Tạm biệt, chúc ngủ ngon"

"Tạm biệt, chúc ngủ ngon"

Translation:Goodbye, good night

August 15, 2016



I love the word hints on Vietnamese. Chuc ngu ngon... Wish sleep deliciously!


A less direct translation would be "I hope you sleep well"


I was marked down for not leaving a space between good and bye. The sentence above is exactly as I had typed it. I know it's only a matter of consistency and Duolingo is a brilliant complex app. It would be better if it spent less time correcting my English.


Surely "chúc ngủ ngon" does not mean "good night"? It's not a literal translation but I think it must mean "sleep well" or "sweet dreams"?


Tiếng Việt rất phong phú và trong sáng. Diễn tả "Ngủ ngon" có : Ngủ sâu, ngủ say, ngủ không mộng mị, say giấc nồng, ngủ êm giấc, ngủ không hay biết gì, ngủ một tư thế từ đêm đến sáng...

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