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"A szakács kifut a konyhából és elfut az étteremből."

Translation:The cook runs out of the kitchen and runs away from the restaurant.

August 15, 2016



Ég az étterem? Vagy volt idegösszeomlása?


Better yet: "Vagy idegösszeomlása volt?"
The other way around sounds more like a general "Has he had a nervous breakdown?"


Vagy megkostolta a saját fősztyét, nem?


Talán volt is egy hirtelen kapuzárási pánikja. :P


Why is it not OUT OF the restaurant, instead of AWAY FROM. Is there no distinction in Hungarian?


There most definitely is! "Futni" is the verb "to run". "El" in "elfut" means "away" while "ki" means "out". These are "igekötők" (phrasal verbs) that when added to a verb will, in cases, drastically change their meaning, pretty much the same in German I believe. Eg: "megütni valakit" (to hit someone) isn't exactly the same as "leütni" (to knock them out). I personally would have said "A szakács KISZALAD a konyhából és elfut az étteremből." "Fut" is repeated in this sentence and there are so many synonyms in Hungarian that it's a crime if you don't use them. I hope that helps ;)


Koszönöm a felvilágosításért


Mit csinált meg az ételnek?

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