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100,000 Learners!

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I saw that 100,000+ people are now using the Hebrew Beta. This is such an amazing milestone, and I'm glad to be one of them!

Let's see how many more people can be inspired to learn Hebrew!

August 15, 2016



I'm happy to see this also :)


I wonder how many of them are Hebrew speakers that use the course to learn English. Poll anyone?


Spot on. Basically, all Hebrew-speakers in Israel want to learn English (they have to do this, at school), and I know already several people (kids, actually) who are using Duolingo's "reverse" course (Hebrew for English-speakers) to learn English. It's weird, and they are missing an important part (listening to English pronounced!), but it's what we have now. Anybody knows what's the plan for an actual English-for-Hebrew-speakers course?


I could have been the last one!! (I started it quite a while ago)

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