"Kobieta użyła twojego klucza."

Translation:The woman used your key.

August 16, 2016

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I have noticed that in Polish, the verbs that require the genitive case are those where a preposition is implied or expressed. For example: potrzebować = to need = to have need (of). Szukać = to look (for). Słuchać = to listen (to). Użyć = to use = to have use (of). So it seems to me that the general rule in Polish is to use the genitive case after a preposition or an implied preposition - is that true?


Well, you also have "nienawidzić" (to hate), although people sometimes write that it's because it's 'negation'... If it helps you remember those verbs, then cool, but I don't know if treating it as some kind of rule is safe.


The object noun phrase "twojego klucha" is in the Genitive here. That's due to the verb użyć, correct? Is there a list somewhere of the verbs that demand the genitive? Other ones I know of are szukać and potrzebować, but I recall encountering others as well.


Hi, "The woman have used your key" - is this sentence correct?


No, as "the woman" is 3rd person singular, you should have used "has" and not "have".


of course, thanks

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