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"Kobieta użyła twojego klucza."

Translation:The woman used your key.

August 16, 2016



The object noun phrase "twojego klucha" is in the Genitive here. That's due to the verb użyć, correct? Is there a list somewhere of the verbs that demand the genitive? Other ones I know of are szukać and potrzebować, but I recall encountering others as well.


Hi, "The woman have used your key" - is this sentence correct?


No, as "the woman" is 3rd person singular, you should have used "has" and not "have".


of course, thanks


I have noticed that in Polish, the verbs that require the genitive case are those where a preposition is implied or expressed. For example: potrzebować = to need = to have need (of). Szukać = to look (for). Słuchać = to listen (to). Użyć = to use = to have use (of). So it seems to me that the general rule in Polish is to use the genitive case after a preposition or an implied preposition - is that true?


Well, you also have "nienawidzić" (to hate), although people sometimes write that it's because it's 'negation'... If it helps you remember those verbs, then cool, but I don't know if treating it as some kind of rule is safe.

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