"He is still young."

번역:그는 여전히 젊다.

August 16, 2016

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발음이 재밌네여ㅋ 히 이스 틜 야앙ㅋㅋ

August 16, 2016


EqUU2님도 재밌네요. 귀여우심. 원어민 발음으로 들린다는 거네요? 좋네요!!

저는 처음 배울 때부터 눈으로만 공부해서 young을 미리 머리속으로 한국식 발음 영으로 생각하고 듣게 돼요. 제 발음도 딱딱하게 그렇게 말하고 있고요. 170414

April 13, 2017


To my ears "young" is closer to 영. In some ways English is like Korean. We tend to link sounds to together, and pronunciation of a letter is often affected by the letter that follows. I think there is a tendency for some Korean speakers to speak English very distinctly, one word at a time, which can result in an unnecessary vowel sound after a consonant. 히 이쓰 스틸 영. The most natural American English would probably be He'sstill Young. (no hesitation between "is" & "still" with one long "s" sound joining he two words.

April 13, 2017
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