"One of the gloves is on the table, and the other one is on the ground."

Translation:Az egyik kesztyű az asztalon van, a másik pedig a földön.

August 16, 2016

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Hi! Is "Az egyik kestnyű az asztalon van, a másik pedig a földön van." completely wrong or acceptable? Although I agree "Az egyik kestnyű az asztalon van, a másik pedig a földön" sound much better.


The second "van" is redundant, but it's not incorrect, so it should be accepted.



Is it incorrect to change the word order to "Az egyik kesztyu van az asztalon, a masik pedig a foldon"?


why we don t have to repeat glove in the second part of the phrase? we learnt ..az egyik nőn. nadrág van ..a másik nőn..szoknya. it was hard to understand...maybe because nőn was not the subject?


is it really correct to use "és" instead of "meg" and "pedig"?


Yes, it is, Hungarian grammar allows it. It's also semantically correct. You're just listing the various locations of gloves without pointing out any contrast between them.


Is Az egyik kesztyű az asztalon van, a masik MEG földön correct?


I wrote exactly that and it is not accepted... hmmmmm

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