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  5. "אני אישה מושלמת!"

"אני אישה מושלמת!"

Translation:I am a perfect woman!

August 16, 2016



And very modest as well !!!


כן, ואנחנו מאמינים לה!


There is none who does good, no not one. They have all turned aside they have together become corrupt.


This is Romans 3:10, and it’s also true that we are God’s workmanship (Ephesians 2:10).


It could be expected this as the first and most liked comment as well hahaha


A modest woman is not really a woman. Do I sound misogynistic?


Look which gender is talking!


At first I thought this was going to mean 'I am a muslim woman'


מי רוצה להיות איתה?


I'm sorry but this woman speaker does not say the words even close to what they are so one can understand her. It sounded like she said Ani Shamoo Shlemet. Why can't she speak more clearly!!


I agree. I think that they use native speakers for this and since they are accustomed to Hebrew they speak quickly.


Computer, actually: automated text-to-speech mechanism. I think if it were native speakers, they would have the sense to enunciate. Many other languages have two speeds for playback, though, normal and slow (played by pressing an icon with a turtle on it); Hebrew only has the one. Not sure why. But even when the option is available, I prefer to do the normal version; you do need to learn to break the sentences apart eventually, and since Duolingo gives you the written version and corrects you if you're wrong, this is a perfect place to do so. It becomes a lot easier surprisingly quickly if you stick with it. If somebody isn't interested in listening fluency, they can always turn the speaker off under their settings menu.


If you read the introductory notes, you will find the reasons why the contributors to this particular Duolingo course decided to use native speakers instead of TTS. At the end of the day, if we want to learn to communicate in Hebrew, we need to get used to how real speakers actually sound, which in the long term is a big advantage. In the short term, it does mean there's no such thing as "slow playback", which is a minor disadvantage. But as you say, sticking with it is the key to success :-)


So it is a real speaker! Thank you for confirming.


Thank you, for your reply. That makes sense.


I translated this a bit too literally as "I am a complete woman" and, then, considering that שלם also means "whole", decided the better translation would be "I am a wholesome woman". Needless to say, DL didn't accept my translation, but I still think it should.


“Wholesome” isn't the same as “perfect” in meaning though. “Wholesome” is more the opposite of “cynical.” And “complete woman” would be “אישה שלמה”. The binyan matters as much as the root when we determine the meaning of a word. “Perfect” and “infect” have the same Latin root in them, but nobody would consider them interchangeable.


“Wholesome” is more the opposite of “cynical.” That's an interesting idea. How did you arrive at that? Please explain.


...says the sign above the Kardashian's mirror


I want her, I need some pain in my life!


Strange, I wrote the correct answer and was marked wrong! Anyone else? I agree with the comments regarding the woman's enunciation.


Doesn't מושלמת also mean 'complete'? Just curious.


Well, in English "perfect" and "complete" can carry the meaning of "entire", that is, meaning there is nothing defective or missing. Perhaps the Hebrew verb may be used in the same way?


Ani isha mushlemet.


I realize that Dov asked his wholesome vs cynical question of tsuj and not me, but I’d like to take a shot at it. One definition of wholesome is: conducive to or characterized by moral well-being. Cynical may be defined as believing that people are motivated purely by self-interest; distrustful of human sincerity or integrity. It seems that if a cynical person is distrustful of human sincerity or integrity, then that’s a mindset that cannot admit to good in others, which is not conducive to making or maintaining healthy relationships where I find people whom I can trust on the whole and whom I will allow to get close to me and maybe even love me and let me love them.


I like your answer but am concerned about the idea that wholesome and cynical are opposites and, thus, mutually exclusive. That is, that a person can't be both wholesome and cynical. I think the issue here is the definitions of the words. Per https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/wholesome: "If you project a wholesome image, other people see you as a decent, moral person, somebody who's trustworthy and not living a secret life of crime. The word wholesome comes from the Old English hal, meaning 'healthy.'" Per the same dictionary: "A cynical person has a bleak outlook about others, always imagining that people are ruled by their worst instincts. H.L. Mencken was famous for saying cynical things like, "Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public." The original Cynics were ancient Greek philosophers who never had a good word to say about anyone." In my opinion, one can be wholesome, meaning having a healthy outlook and demeanor, while also having a cynical perspective of others, due to one's experience. I don't see them as exclusive of each other. For example, some of the best salespeople project wholesomeness, and those are the ones I worry about. I wouldn't give big bucks to a blatantly slimy salesperson, but I might to an "honest, wholesome" one. So, I've learned to read the fine print.


About the idea of wholesome and cynical being mutually exclusive, I looked up the definition of mutually exclusive, and I got: “In logic and probability theory, two events are mutually exclusive or disjoint if they cannot both occur at the same time.” Events usually have a somewhat defined starting and ending point, but a mindset tends not to. I might make a suggestion to my friend, and she likes part of the ramifications of the suggestion and dislikes other parts. Therefore, her reaction will not be fully warm or cold but have elements of both. I believe this scenario holds true for a person with both wholesomeness and cynicism in his personality.

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