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"I will explain everything to your friend."

Translation:Ich werde deinem Freund alles erklären.

February 3, 2013



Is the word order important here? Does it matter whether you translate "Ich werde alles deinem Freund erklären" instead of "Ich werde deinem Freund alles erklären"?


If the direct object is a noun (alles), it comes after an indirect object (deinem Freund). If the direct object is a pronoun, it comes before an indirect object.


Shouldn't "Ich werde deiner Freundin alles erklären" also be accepted?


what's wrong with "Ihrem Freund werde ich alles erklären" ?


Ich werde alles zu deinem Freund erklären is wrong. Why is it so. Dk


deinem is dative, the dative case implies the "to" part


zu is most likely non existent to german from english to


Is "Ich werde deinem Freund alles erklären" correct here? It was marked as wrong


why doesn't ihrem work here?


Why does possessive dative not work here? This sentence is correct,

Die Sonne scheint mir auf den Augen,

but this sentence does not work?

Ich werde alles dir dem Freund erklären.


The construction you're talking about is used specifically for body parts e.g.

  • Ich putze mir die Zähne
  • Ich kämme mir die Haare
  • Ich zerbreche mir den Kopf (figurative)

But for just about everything else (can't think of any other noun-categories that use this same construction off the top of my head) you use the possessive pronoun like you would in English.

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