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Can we post own texts?

I always write texts in English to practice my skills and I wish I could post some of them here to maybe help other students.

February 6, 2014

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First of all you need to upload your texts in some website, after you can loading these texts here. I hope having help you.


Thank you for the answer! I tried to post my texts on my facebook page but isn't loading here, I think i have to make a blog or something like that, anyway thank you! :)


The best way is you make a blog to publish your texts, with the Facebook it will be restricted to few people, but in a blog it will be accessible to thousands of people through google indexation.


Paulo take a look at this website: https://medium.com
You can post your texts or stories there. It's pretty cool.


Thanks for the tip! This site is very interesting. I hope to post something soon! :)

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